Writing Workshops Grades 1-12

The reading and writing workshop is a chance for the author to get to know the students on a different level. On a creative level. This is a chance for me to come into the classroom and share my expertise as an author. Students are guided through the writing process from an idea to a finished product ready for editing and publishing. This is a hands-on experience where every student gets the opportunity to produce their own piece of writing, and learn the process involved in creating a book. The writing project I use in my workshops is dependent upon what the teacher is doing in their classroom with their students. Teachers have the option of having their students work on a classroom based project, however, I can introduce my own writing project on social-emotional health, which includes mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Mine would be a project along these lines. Stigma definitely surrounds all of us, in our schools, in our societies. Revealing my illnesses to the world definitely brought its share of judgement. I challenge students to put together a story of how we can fight stigma in our schools and in our world, by reaching out to those who are suffering, and by taking care of our own bodies and minds in positive ways. How can we stay healthy as a “Whole Person” and share our empathy, compassion, acceptance, and respect with others? Sharing my two stories, Two Sides To The Story: Living A Lie and Sally (Chipmunka Publishing, 2013 & 2015), will demonstrate the power that words can have, and how words can change our lives, and the lives of others. After stories have gone through the whole writing process (planning, writing, editing, etc..) they are read by the author. Feedback is provided. This is a wonderful experience for the students. Students are encouraged to share their stories with other classes to make a difference in the world around them. Teachers are provided with a detailed package on writing tips to producing stories and books. This includes ideas to develop effective story planning, neat writing tips, and my FAB 6 chart that is guaranteed to bring an end to writer’s block.

I run workshops with students from GRADES 1-12. My workshops are age-appropriate to the group I am working with. If you have certain themes or topics you'd like me to focus on, feel free to ask. Writing is a lifelong venture, so no matter the grade, there is always much to take in and learn. I would be happy to speak with you and your students.


Time for Writing Workshop: Approximately 2 hours 

Workshop Fee: $400 - half-day workshop / $700 - full-day workshop.

Changing Schools One Word At A Time

Since 2013, I have spoken at approximately 35 different schools and venues on the beautiful gifts of reading and writing. My feedback has been superlative. I will continue to speak in the 2016-2017 school year. I would love to come out to your school to present to your staff and students.

We are all responsible for our school and the people within it, especially those who struggle with literacy. Literacy is one of the most important, life-changing skills in our schools today. Many children are falling behind, lacking an inspiration and desire to reach out and share their ideas, their stories, their adventures. When students fear speaking up, their grades suffer, their motivation drops, and there is a higher likelihood that they will lose complete interest in school by their teenage years. It is during these years that reading and writing must peak if they are going to find success in society. With a strong base of reading and writing, a student is equipped for each new grade they enter. When they are equipped, they are enthusiastic, and they find a love of learning that will carry them lifelong. If we can instill an enjoyment in these areas, imagination and creativity will do the rest. My presentation helps stir this energy, this joy, creating a yearning to reach for more in the areas of reading and writing. We can change our schools one word at a time and, in turn, avoid the devastating effects of illiteracy. Our kids are worth it. With the right guidance and direction, their capabilities are limitless. We all deserve a chance to share our story in whatever way we choose. I have proved that sharing your story changes your life forever. It now changes the lives of others.

Will I travel to your city? Most definitely. I would love to visit. There will be reasonable travelling expenses needed for trips that require 2 or more hours of driving.

If you are interested in a visit, please click on the "Reserve Your Presentation Now" button. This will take you to my “Contact Chris” page. Thank you.


"Chris came to my grade 5 class to teach a workshop on descriptive writing. He helped the students organize their ideas and add colourful language to entertain their audience. He showed them how to use his personalized charts and lists as a reference for when they faced writer's block. When his workshop was over, the students had tools to help with descriptive writing and they were so excited to get started. He was educational, entertaining, and inspiring!" 
Shannon Watson, Teacher, Ottawa
"The students had a great time working with you. You make story writing fun. They have been working very hard on writing their stories. Thank you very much for taking them through the process and providing us with the resources." 
Alva Donaldson, Teacher, Ottawa