• A Quarter Past Three: Medieval Madness

    What if…

    You were lost in time, without your family and friends? You had no clue where you were? You did not know how you had arrived there?

    What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you trust? HOW WOULD YOU GET HOME?

    Tommy is stuck in the year 1215 AD. One minute he is at school and the next, he is surrounded by moats, castles and knights. Lost in time, Tommy must make it back to his family and friends. With the help of a friendly wizard, Tommy must find the courage to escape many dangerous traps on the road to a magical door that will bring him closer to his destination – home. He is caught in a whirlwind race that will either lead him to his warm bed back home, or leave him experiencing medieval madness in the year 1215 forever! His time of departure: a quarter past three.