• A Quarter Past Three: Treasures in Time

    His next adventure has begun!

    In this second book of the national bestselling series, A Quarter Past Three, Tommy T. Timson has arrived in Ancient Egypt in the year 1240 BC.

    Tommy has landed in the clutches of a band of travelling thieves, who, with the help of stolen scrolls, are journeying to rob the tomb of one of the great kings of Egypt. He joins two other captives–a brother and sister–and learns that the reunion of their family rests solely on the return of the scrolls to the Egyptian authorities. With no sign of his magical friend, Percival, and a diminishing sense of hope, Tommy must trust his new companions as they embark on an adventure that will lead them through the sweltering sun, hot sands, and perilous waters of Ancient Egypt. He must also find the strength and courage to reach his destination–the magical door that will bring him one step closer to home. Tommy has twenty-four hours after his arrival to find the magical door, because at a quarter past three, it will appear for only one minute. If he fails to reach it, he will be lost in time forever!

    Will he find the door in time, or remain merely a lost treasure of time? The hour glass is draining quickly as a quarter past three draws near.