• Two Sides to the Story: Living a Lie

    “I once stood tall, determined and confident in every way. I planned to find a beautiful wife, a happy home and a fulfilling job, accompanied by financial freedom. In the blink of an eye, I got none of it. Instead, I was delivered an insurmountable blow that knocked me awry, destroying my stability, my desire and my ambition.

    While others climbed the hill to success, I could only watch in awe and amazement as family, friends and colleagues accomplished the very things that, at one time, I hoped I could achieve. An inch from death, I mustered every bit of faith, strength and courage to get back on my feet.”

    This book is a memoir. It is about my battle against mental illness that has gone on for over half my life. You never knew. Now you will.

    No one has to hide. No one has to live behind a lie. There are two sides to every story. For the longest time, I’ve had to live only one side of my story, while concealing the other. You will not believe what went on behind closed doors! The truth is finally revealed. A story could not be more accurate in its account. Will I be accepted? That is up to you. Differences are not what matter in life. It is acceptance of differences that matters most. Why should we be afraid? One in five will tell you … it only hurts. Until we can separate the person from the illness, change will not happen. Witness my story and you will never look at mental illness the same again.