Chris Nihmey Author Mental Health Advocate

It's Time To Break The Chains

I can imagine how the Jews must have felt during the Holocaust, when their lives meant nothing to the Germans. Squashed like bugs. -Chris Nihmey

Being human, and not perfect, we made excuses to treat those who were different from us … differently. To treat them as unequal. -Chris Nihmey

Why come out and tell. It only hurts. I don’t want to be labelled weird, strange or not normal, a sick person, a “sicko”. -Chris Nihmey

It is imperative that the illness be SEPARATED from the sufferer. The person is NOT the sickness. As long as they are linked, stigma will conquer and destroy, and without any support, it will be deadly. -Chris Nihmey

“When you label someone, you stop seeing them as a real person. Suddenly, you can do all kinds of terrible things to them. Soon, they stop seeing themselves as a real person too. They just turn into that label.” -My Name Is Earl