Author Presentation Grades 1-8

"Why do I want you to read and write effectively? Reading and writing changes a life forever. I found purpose in my life through reading and writing. I'd even say it saved my life. My stories have now become beacons of hope for others. Imagine what you might achieve. Reading is food for the brain. Writing takes that food, analyzes it, organizes it, adds imagination & creativity to it, and then shares it with the world."

The Author Presentation is titled The Colourful World Of Reading And Writing. My integrated discussion takes students through the worlds of writing and reading, piquing an interest and enjoyment in writing their own adventure, and creating an appreciation of a story they are reading. With tried and true ideas for effective story writing, I open the door to imagination and the creativity of story making.  For decades, great authors have inspired us with their creative minds. Through my own experiences as a National Bestselling author, I take students along the path to creating their own stories by expanding their imagination. From A Quarter Past Three (Turtles Publishing, Canada, 2001 & 2003), to Two Sides To The Story: Living A Lie (Chipmunka Publishing, UK, 2013). From my new illustrated picture book, Sally (Chipmunka Publishing, UK, 2015), to my latest book, Reflections From Another Side (Chipmunka Publishing, UK, 2018), this presentation is meant to inspire students to see the world anew with the stroke of a pen, or the turn of a page. I demonstrate the extreme importance of the connection between reading and writing, and how each influences the other. The more you read, the better you write. The more you write, the better you read. An awareness of this connection not only creates innovation, it fosters heightened creativity. The response from students and teachers has been superlative.

 The themes of my presentation are:

  • creating a new perspective when it comes to reading & writing
  • demonstrating the strong connection of reading & writing
  • the whole writing process from an idea to publishing
  • "Yes kids, it matters!" The extreme importance of EDITING
  • the importance of sharing your own story ("Are those real manuscripts, Chris?")
  • reading and writing from an author’s point of view
  • the power of the written word – the importance of “WHY" and “WHAT” we write
  • how writing and reading changed my life. It will change yours. It will changes our world
Chris Nihmey Four Books

Time for Presentation: 1 hour (+/- 5 min.) 

Presentation Fee: $500 for one presentation, $600 for two, $700 for three.

Travelling to your city: I would love to visit. There will be reasonable travelling expenses needed for trips that require 2 or more hours of driving.

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Changing Schools One Word At A Time

Since 2013, I have hosted over 70 presentations and workshops at schools and venues on the beautiful gifts of reading and writing. My feedback has been superlative. I will continue to speak in the 2018-2019 school year. I would love to come out to your school to present to your staff and students.

Literacy. It is one of the most important gifts bestowed upon us, yet so many students lack the education and resources necessary to read and write effectively. They are the building blocks of all learning. Without them, we would not comprehend or understand the worlds of mathematics, science & technology, social studies ... the list goes on and on. With effective use of these critical skills, we are guaranteed to foster an enjoyment in learning and in life. In turn, we create a passion which will lead to future success down any chosen path.

We are all responsible for our school and the people within it, and especially for those who struggle with literacy. Literacy is one of the most important, life-changing skills in our schools today. Many children are falling behind, lacking an inspiration and desire to reach out and share their ideas, their stories, their adventures. When students fear speaking up, their grades suffer, their motivation drops, and there is a higher likelihood that they will lose complete interest in school by their teenage years. It is during these years that reading and writing must peak if they are going to find success in society. With a strong base of reading and writing, a student is equipped for subsequent learning. When they are equipped, they are enthusiastic, and they find a love of learning that will carry them lifelong. If we can instill an enjoyment in these areas, imagination and creativity will do the rest. As an author of 5 publications, my presentation helps stir this energy, this joy, creating a yearning to reach for more in the areas of reading and writing. We can change our schools one word at a time and, in turn, avoid the devastating effects of illiteracy. Our kids are worth it. With the right guidance and direction, their capabilities are limitless. We all deserve a chance to share our story in whatever way we choose. I have proved that sharing your story changes your life forever. It now changes the lives of others.

If you are interested in a visit, please click on the "Reserve Your Presentation Now" button. This will take you to my “Contact Chris” page. Thank you.



"Thanks so much for sharing some of your story and inspiring young minds to read and write. The students and adults were impressed and engaged."
Sheri Stashick, Vice-Principal, Ottawa
 "Chris presented twice to both primary and junior students on the topics of reading and writing. Inspiring and engaging, he involved the audience in many ways to maintain their interest and curiosity. He provided teachers with a simple and easy-to-use writing chart to aid in future written activities. Knowledgeable on the topics, he used humour and creativity to keep the students interested. We recommend him to speak at any school to further assist teachers and their students with their reading and writing programs."
Sean Haughian, Teacher, Ottawa
Tina Sidoli, Teacher, Ottawa

"I just finished reading your book. Wow, well done! What a powerful story to share with students. So much discussion can come from it for sure. I really enjoyed it. It was so well written. Thanks for sharing your gift with all of us."

Lisa Hurd, Teacher, Ottawa